First Arena – Serving The Community Since 2000

Community Involvement

Making a Difference Together

We believe in the power of community. We are not just a venue; we are a proud member of the Elmira community, and we are committed to giving back and making a positive impact.

Local Partnerships

We actively partner with local schools, non-profit organizations, and charities to support initiatives that uplift our community. From fundraising events to educational programs, we're dedicated to fostering meaningful connections that make a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

Youth Engagement

Inspiring the next generation is close to our hearts. We offer opportunities for young local athletes to develop their skills through sports clinics and workshops. Our commitment to youth engagement extends to providing access to cultural events and performances that broaden horizons and ignite passion.

Community Events

First Arena is a space where the community comes together. We host a variety of events that celebrate the diversity and talents of Elmira residents. From local artists' exhibitions to community festivals, our doors are open to gatherings that create lasting memories and forge bonds.

Supporting Local Businesses

We recognize the importance of a thriving local economy. Our venue actively collaborates with local businesses, whether it's sourcing ingredients for our restaurant, showcasing artisanal products at our events, or providing platforms for entrepreneurs to showcase their offerings.

Volunteer Initiatives

Volunteering is at the heart of community spirit. Our team and partners contribute their time and expertise to initiatives that improve the quality of life for those in need. From food drives to mentorship programs, we're dedicated to rolling up our sleeves and making a positive impact.

Environmental Responsibility

Caring for our community also means caring for our environment. We're committed to sustainable practices, from waste reduction to energy efficiency. By minimizing our ecological footprint, we aim to leave a legacy supporting the well-being of future generations.

Get Involved

We invite you to join us in our community involvement efforts. Whether you're an individual, a business, or an organization, your contribution can make a meaningful impact. Our commitment goes beyond entertainment – it's about building a stronger, more vibrant community together.